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News and current debates 1:) Inactives to be removed Option: Create a new alliance and bring our active members to it and house inactives here and change the name of alliance so that the new alliance is TBA. 2:) Training wing re-named, consolidated or both. 3:) Split into multi wings to avoid the lag monster while viewing our member's list. 4:) Rank ideas and listings. ALLIANCE RULES and Operations * Report all Raiding and Scouting in newsletter titled Scout or Destroy, report Cords and any spy reports and any other intel. * Follow all default rules of trading, combat, communications or other interactions of bigpoint/spaceinvasion. (Use of Newsletter) * Offensive language or insults of any nature will not be tolerated from one member to another. * Do not send our wing Allies Pact or War partners messages unless cleared by leadership. 1:) You may send a trade request to our allies or wings at any time without clearance. 2:) You may use the newsletters to talk smack, talk about your day or other things that you may wish as long as there are no cuss words or other vulgarities in the newsletter. ____ Failure to use the newsletters correctly or failure to follow any rules might start with a warning, a probationary period designated by the leadership or Admin(s) which is a partial lock out or a full lock out of member functions and as well, but is not limited to up to termination of membership. ____ Your Rights * The right to debate any current topic, that way our alliance can debate or modify. (this is a war game, either we adapt as logic shows or we go yellow) * The right to participate or not to participate in current wars or other alliance functions. SUB SECTION 1. Members who fail to Escape Flight can not reasonably expect continuous assistance for their failure to do the most fundamental and basic element of the game. 2. Members should try to avoid threatening comments whenever possible even towards a war target. 3. Leadership reserves the right to, but is not limited to: demoting, limiting or booting inactive members as needed. 4. Members who have been removed from TBA or wings for any reason may re-apply at any time, however it does not insure your reinstatement. 5. Members may ask for an alteration or deletion of any rule or rules or the addition there of. updated 13.02.2010 16:28:37